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You never get a second chance to make a first impression

A conference visitor's first encounter with the conference space is at the registration desk. This makes the conference registration systems and the badge printing process an extremely important part of the success of the conference.

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Offline Mode

Our check-in and badge printing processes were designed with multiple fallback capabilities in order to handle common on-site challenges.


This is done to ensure both a seamless check-in and badge printing process, as well as keeping your data safe, regardless of a slow or failed internet connection or other common interruptions.

Drag & Drop Badge Design Tool

Using our Drag and Drop editing tool, you can print any data field on any type of badges, including firm laminated, PVC, green sustainable and many more.


Your logo, images, and custom fonts can be uploaded, font colors can be selected, and badge size can be customized.

Contactless Check-In

Our self-serve kiosk station offers a large screen with an elegant white frame. These stations allow attendees to self-check in and verify their information before badge printing.


In a world where hand sanitizer is now one of the most popular SWAG additions, QR codes allow event attendees to be touch-free. Stations can be set up for contactless registration either with a scanner or with a tablet camera, and registration staff is optional to assist attendees.

Branded Kiosks

Customizing the design of the self-check-in kiosks is an effective way to immerse your event attendees in the event's overall branding message.


Place a digital screen that includes your brand on our kiosk screens to match the look and feel of the event.

We also offer to wrap the kiosk enclosure with materials using the company colors and logo.

Included features & capabilities

One of the key elements for a conference's professional perception is an efficient and professional check-in process. Our a la carte menu offers an extended suite of features and capabilities.


QR Code

QR codes can be included on attendee badges for easy scanning.


Wristband Printing

Remind attendees of your event, give them great promotional products, or raise awareness for a worthy cause.


Walks Ins

You can quickly check in attendees and print their badges even if they did not pre-register.


Check-In Notifications

Send email or text messages either to attendees right after check-in, or to your staff when a specific attendee checks in.



Track the location and attendance of your attendees automatically


Signature Collection

Self-serve kiosks can be used to complete attendees'' eSignings quickly and easily.

Ready to Kick Off Your Journey?

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